1631 & 1633 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo

Area: Hospital Area, Central Nanaimo (⇓ MAP)

Strata ID: VIS 3178

Year(s) built: 1994, 2005

Types of Units: 4-storey condo apartment buildings

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Rooms per Unit: 1-3 beds, 2 baths
Sizes of Units: 664-1277 sqft
Number of Units: 90

Number of Buildings: 2
Km to bus: 200 m (Dufferin Cres)
Elevator?: Yes

Natural Gas?: No
Sale Price Range: $300s-$400s (2022)
#Units sold during 2018-2022: 44

Additional Notes: These two buildings were built 10 years apart but they are a single (phased) strata. At least one building as a rec/gym room with outside patio space and gazebo. There is a separate strata to the west called Dufferin Heights which is made up of townhome buildings.

Important: The data on this page was researched in the summer/fall of 2023 and the information is relevant as such. Efforts will be made to update the data over time.

Location of Dufferin Heights & The Fountains

Listings at Dufferin Heights & The Fountains

The above list of properties (if any are showing) are generated from within a polygon outlining where these buildings actually are. However, some real estate agents neglect to plot their listings correctly on a map - if that happens, some listings will appear that do not belong in this strata - or some might be missing. Feel free to ask me to create a proper alert for you.

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