1655, 1659, 1663 & 1667 Dufferin Cres, Nanaimo

Area: Hospital Area (⇓ MAP)

Strata ID: VIS 2128

Year(s) built: 1991, 1992

Types of Units: 3-storey rowhomes

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    Open, garages

Rooms per Unit: 2-3 beds, 3 baths
Sizes of Units: 1372-1798 sqft
Number of Units: 16

Number of Buildings: 4
Km to bus: 300 m (Dufferin Cres)
Elevator?: No

Natural Gas?: Yes
Sale Price Range: $400s-$500s (2022)
#Units sold during 2018-2022: 7

Additional Notes: These rowhouses are distinct from the Dufferin Heights / The Fountains condo apartments to the east.

Important: The data on this page was researched in the summer/fall of 2023 and the information is relevant as such. Efforts will be made to update the data over time.

Location of Dufferin Heights townhomes

Current Listings at the Dufferin Heights townhomes

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The above list of properties (if any are showing) are generated from within a polygon outlining where these buildings actually are. However, some real estate agents neglect to plot their listings correctly on a map - if that happens, some listings will appear that do not belong in this strata - or some might be missing. Feel free to ask me to create a proper alert for you.

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