Nanoose is a big semi-rural area centered around a prominent hill ("the Notch") beside a large deep bay (Nanoose Bay). Development is spread thinly and the property types range from oceanside homes and lots, to hilltop view properties, modest single-family homes in quiet forested areas, and homes in little rural valleys. 

Most Nanoose Bay homes are a 5-10+ minute drive from the nearest store, so this community is more likely to appeal to retirees and hobby farmers and artisans - however, there is a good elementary school near the stores and library, and the MASSIVE amount of natural greenspace and beaches make this a wonderful place to raise children. My cousins grew up here and enjoyed childhood, but were happy to move to neighbouring Parksville when they got into their teen years!

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Nanoose Bay Properties

Nearby Parks

  • Enos Lake Trail
  • Notch Hill Park